Plot Trajectory from Bag file using MatLab

In my Final Paper of my Graduation in Electrical Engineering, I had to plot the trajectory of the wheelchair in the SLAM simulation.

I tried to use PlotJuggler but it isn’t possible to plot a non time series in a XY plot.

So, I use MATLAB to read the BAG File (file that contains the record logs of the ROS simulation) and plot the data =)

The Matlab Script is here.

Final Paper of my Graduation in Electrical Engineering

Wheelchairs are the main mobility tools for people whose ability to walk is compromised, whether by accident, illness or disability. With the advent of technology, motorized wheelchairs become more accessible and functional. This work aims to simulate the directional control and autonomous navigation of a motorized wheelchair using the robot operating system (ROS), the Gazebo simulator and a simultaneous location and mapping algorithm (SLAM). The simulation of this work emulates the hardware: Raspberry Pi3+B as the system’s central processor (master), Arduino Mega (node and driver), encoders and an inertial measurement sensor (IMU) for odometry, the Roboclaw motor control power board and Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for visual sensing.


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